Your head has a price
They’ll make three attempts
On your life:
Bribes, fire, attrition
Their only condition
That you surrender our
Strategic position

HT teams with their M16s
Chart stale descriptions
While waiting out now
Take the time to think about
Your condition
’Cause when the effigies burn
Yeah you think you’d fucking learn
The vital role you play
In the operation...

In any hemisphere far or near
Defeat can be contagious
Some of my friends to that end
Have forgot they seek to flay us
To them it’s all the same
We’re all just Human Terrain
A neutralized population

Soft power
It’s your funeral just the same
Soft powder burns
They’ll break you either way

Signs of end time
But you’re not afraid
They plucked out your mind
At least you got paid and praise

Let me tell you about
Your rot bloated colony of the dead
They borrow your blood
But keep you warm and fed
Click click photos for your document
More precious than commitments
You resent
And I detect the faint scent
Of promises bought and spent
Bodies piled high, washed aside
With a steady supply of…

Bloody money
Bloody money
When black Kreuzberg shouts
Get these fuckers out
Bloody money, poisoning soil
When Gary Gersh strums at your gates
Don’t hesitate to drop the...




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